Tiger Woods Update

It’s good to see Tiger Woods back in action and actually looking like he knows what he’s doing again. Tiger played in the Chevron World Challenge over the weekend at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California. Tiger finished second, losing in a playoff to Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland. Even though he didn’t win and played below average on the final day, he showed his old form over the first three days of the tournament.

This was the last chance he had to avoid finishing a season without a win for the first time in his career. In the press conference following the tournament, Tiger seemed very pleased with his performance and said he feels like he’s coming back and finding his old form. Earlier in the week Tiger had made other news, involving fellow golfer Ian Poulter of England. Poulter had lost a tournament the week before, by mistakenly dropping his ball on his coin he used to mark the spot of his ball on the green, which cost him the tournament in a playoff. Tiger walked up to Poulter and asked him jokingly if he, Poulter, didn’t know how to ark his ball. Poulter replied “settle down No. 2.” Poulter obviousy referring to Tiger’s ranking in the World behind Lee Westwood. Even though this was a friendly exchange it fueled many articles over the internet.

This ends Tiger’s year after a busy couple of weeks for the former number one, as he had a tournament in China, Thailand, and Australia over the course of two weeks, before coming to Southern California to compete in the Chevron World Challenge. Tiger is the host of the tournament and it benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation. Finishing in the top ten twice on his Asia trip Tiger felt that he still wasn’t back to where he would like to see his game, but could see some improvements over short stretches.

Tiger recently made some other news regarding his home on Jupiter Island, Florida. His home is expected to be ready for move in in the early part of 2011. Reports say that the construction of Tiger’s new residence cost $50 million, which seems appropriate on a 12 acre property, which cost $44.5 million when he bought in 2006. Woods will have his own practice facility in his backyard and possibly even his children around the corner as reports say that his ex-wife Elin is planning on moving to the Jupiter area as well. Tiger’s new home is located between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantice Ocean. Tiger currently lives in the gated community if Isleworth in Orlando, Florida, where he has lived ever since he turned pro in 1996.


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This video is a commercial featuring two of Nike’s top athletes Roger Federer and Tiger Woods.

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Tiger & Earl Woods

This picture shows Tiger Woods with his father Earl. Earl Woods was one of the most influential people in Tiger’s life, as they saw their relationship more like being best friends, instead of father and son. Earl passed away in 2006 and many people believe that this is one of the reasons for Tiger’s extramarital affairs, because his father was a guiding figure in his life and he even admitted that he lost some of his fundamental values his father taught him.

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The Woods Family Before the Infamous Car Accident

This was the Woods family before Tiger’s infamous car accident, which eventually led him to confess his he had been cheating on his wife. It shows Tiger with his ex-wife Elin and their two children Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel. This would be one of the last public pictures of the Woods family before the divorce of Tiger and Elin.

“The Woods Family.” Around Hawaii. Web. 5 Dec 2010.

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Tiger Woods Cigar Guy

This picture was taken during this year’s Ryder Cup in Wales and became popular very fast. The thing that made this picture so famous is the guy in the crowd with the cigar in his mouth and turban on his head. at first it was believed that this person was “photo-shopped” into the picture, but he wasn’t.

“Tiger Woods Cigar Guy.” The Hollywood Gossip. Web. 5 Dec 2010.

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Tiger Woods’ Apology And Reactions To His Press Conference

This is a news report about Tiger Woods’ press conference, which he held after being “underground” for a two months after his car accident and the news of him having extra marital affairs had come out.

This report shows different voices and opinions from the people. It shows how the views of Tiger’s actions differ, when talking to different people, no matter if they are from the golfing world or not. However judging by this report it is obvious that a golfer cares more about his abilities on the golf course, whereas people outside of golf are much more critical of his actions.


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Tiger Woods’ Car Crash Description (Thanksgiving 2009)

This news report was given after the news of Tiger Woods’ car accident had become public. At this time the confusion of what lead to this accident was still very unclear and no one knew what to think of it.

This is a very good detailed report, especially for people who aren’t that familiar with  the life of Tiger Woods, as it gives the viewer an overview of his life and accomplishments. This is also enhanced by the report providing pictures of the topic currently discussed.

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Tiger No Longer No. 1


Tiger Woods is no longer the top-ranked golfer in the world according to the newly released Official World Golf Rankings released this week. Lee Westwood is the new “top dog” in the world of golf. This information is provided by the Associated Press and was published on the website of the Los Angeles Times, as well as many others around the country.

Tiger Woods who had been atop the rankings for the last 281 weeks, had been predicted to lose his number one ranking by the end of the month, to either Westwood, or Germany’s Martin Kaymer, who could have taken over the top spot with a win in a tournament in Spain this weekend is now placed third slightly behind Woods.

The writer of this article combines the use of quotes, facts, and history of the World Ranking to provide a reader with a full understanding of what is going on regardless of how much the person is familiar with the sport or not.

The article starts off by giving the reader a general overview of what has happened, surrounded by some in general facts about what led to the event at hand. This is done to give the reader a chance to decide if he is interested in the article and will continue reading or not. It pretty much previews the entire article by listing the topics it will deal with. In this article the introduction talks about Tiger’s loss if the No. 1 rank, who has taken over the top spot, as well as a brief look into the history of the rankings. These are all topics discussed in further depth throughout the article.

Further the author uses a lot of quotes from Westwood and Woods to give the article a kind of personal touch, by giving an insight on how the two ‘protagonists’ of the article feel about the situation.

Another important aspect is the use of historical dates and factual information, to help the reader relate to the significance of the feat.

Overall the article is well written and has a number of ways to provide the reader with knowledge about the topic, such as facts, historical information, and quotes from people involved in the topic.

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Tiger’s life getting better, but still shaky

After finally officially getting divorced from his wife Elin Nordgren there have been a lot of new headlines surrounding Tiger Woods. Surprisingly they haven’t been as negative as some would think.

Even though there have been a lot of negative articles written about what has happened almost one year ago now, the article with information beneficial to Woods are becoming more frequent as he has showed more and more of his old playing ways.

Another reason for being put in a brighter spotlight is the fact that Tiger has recently attended the festivities of the expansion of the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Washington, D.C., as reported by Amanda Collins for the website “Prime Writers Network”. Woods  was getting involved in an assembly and “answered questions from a group of students in the ninth grade.” He said that it was exciting to be there for the opening and is thinking about “expanding his centers worldwide.”

Another sign for the increased support Woods is getting nowadays can be seen in Bob Harig’s article on espn.com, in which Harig talks about the “top-shelf field” that will be playing in Tiger’s annual Chevron World Challenge in California in the beginning of December. Many of the world’s top ranked players will be competing in this event, to which only 20 players are invited. The article further features a statement made by this year’s European Ryder Cup team captain Colin Montgomerie, regarding how Tiger would react to losing the number one ranking, as projected by the en of the month. Montgomerie told reporters, that Woods “would probably go out and win” his next tournament as ” he doesn’t like being number two at anything.

However there are still some of Woods’ fellow golfers that don’t quite believe in the comeback, such as golfing great Greg Norman, who doesn’t think “it’s going to be as easy for him [Woods] as it was in the past.” This appeared in a article from Edgar Thompson for “The Palm Beach Post.”

Although Tiger Woods’ life isn’t back to the glory it once was the topic “Tiger Woods” is certainly becoming more positive with time.

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